What is a CKC Master Breeder?

I am very proud to have attained CKC Master Breeder status. This is in part a reflection of my breeding program but more importantly is the result of the dedication of the many fabulous puppy buyers that have gone out and worked with their dogs. Thank you to all of you!

The Canadian Kennel Club Master Breeder program offers special distinction for our member breeders who have consistently produced quality animals and who work hard to promote the value of purebred dogs. The award requires that the applicant attain a comprehensive list of achievements.

To be eligible the following conditions must be met:

1. A Canadian Kennel Club member for at least 20 consecutive years.
2. Bred the same breed for a minimum of 20 yrs.
3. Bred at least 20 Canadian Champions in Conformation or Performance events.
4. Bred at least one of the following:

(a) A dog that has won a Best in Show.
(b) A dog that has won Best of Breed at a National Specialty.
(c) Twenty different Group First Winners at CKC events.
(d) Ten High in Trial Winners at CKC events.
(e) Certify that appropriate health screens (as required by the parent Club) are performed on Sire and Dam of Litters bred.
(f) A proven record of registering 100% of the live puppies that they have produced.
(g) At least 20 years of verifiable membership in at least one CKC accredited club.